Rocio Gosewehr Hernandez is campaigning for State House in District 67, representing Plano, Allen, and Richardson. Rocio grew up in this community, and she is the product of Plano public schools, and the influence and support of so many people from these neighborhoods. In many ways, Rocio had the typical experience growing up here, but there are a few unique things about her story that make Rocio appreciate this community all the more, and that make her ready to take on any challenge and overcome it – including defeating the Republican incumbent, Jeff Leach.  

“I was born in El Salvador. But my family had to escape the civil war there in the mid 1980s,” Rocio relates. “Nearly 100,000 people in El Salvador were killed during this conflict, many at the hands of death squads, including journalists, missionaries, women and children, and dissidents who were ‘disappeared’ by the government. My family was incredibly lucky.” Her dad was offered a position at Texas Instruments and they moved here in 1986, when Rocio was three years old. Her family left everything behind – their home, their friends and all of their possessions – to make a new start in North Texas. Rocio’s family came here and Plano welcomed them. She went to good public elementary, junior high and high schools here, and she worked hard. After graduating from Plano East Senior High School, Rocio was able to earn scholarships to Baylor University and Notre Dame for law school.

This was Rocio’s reality growing up in the 1980s and 1990s in an America that was a place that welcomed people, that rewarded hard work, that allowed you to maximize your potential. “I grew up in an America that gave my family, and me, the tools to overcome the huge challenge of leaving a country that was in turmoil,” Rocio recalls. “The America I grew up in unleashed our potential. Isn’t that what we want American to stand for today? Of course it is. We need our country to work for people, not turn them away, not discriminate against them, not handicap them by denying them a good education, or adequate health care.”

Rocio is ready to fight for you and everyday Texans because she is driven to give back to her community. After law school, Rocio returned to Collin County to make a difference. She chose to be a plaintiffs attorney and represent people who have been wronged. People come to Rocio seeking justice, and she is able to represent them regardless of their background or ability to pay. Rocio recently helped a client who was struck by a drunk driver. Despite English being her client’s second language and despite the insurance company accusing her of fabricating the crash video, Rocio was able to secure justice for her in the courtroom. “I will not settle for less than a just outcome despite the obstacles,” Rocio insists. “I have spent my whole life overcoming challenges. I have dedicated my career to people, and I want to be this district’s next Representative in Austin so I can do even more to help my fellow Texans. This district demands new leadership on public education, access to healthcare, women’s rights, and a strong, fair economy that helps everyone. Our voice falls on deaf ears with the current leadership.”

“Do you think for one minute that I am going to shy away from the challenge of beating Jeff Leach? I am not afraid of anything. I am ready. Yes, Leach is well funded, he is part of the establishment, and he caters to the powerful. But every time I have faced an obstacle, I have overcome it.” Rocio adds.

Rocio Gosewehr Hernandez is ready to work with you and for you. With your support, Rocio’s campaign for House District 67 will be a victory for Democrats in 2020.

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