Rocio is the product of Plano public schools. The quality education she received in the district allowed her to earn scholarships to Baylor University and Notre Dame Law School. She understands how important strong public schools are for young people striving to achieve. Rocio supports fully funding public education, including having the state pay a fair share so that tax-paying homeowners are not overwhelmed with the financial burden. Rocio does see public education as an investment in our young people and our workforce, rather than an expense. North Texas has to compete in a global economy. Rocio will fight to make sure our children have access to quality education and gain the skills and knowledge they will need to be successful. She is also supportive of community colleges, continuing education for adults and skills training.


Rocio believes we should expand Medicaid so that millions of Texans currently without coverage will have access to care. The current Texas leadership has put up a road block on Medicaid expansion, causing Texans to lose out on billions per year in federal funding from taxes they have already paid. The money goes to other states instead. With Texas regularly ranking near the bottom in terms of coverage, this is inexcusable. Rocio will also fight for lower prescription drug costs and protect women’s rights to have access to health care and to make decisions with their own doctors.


Rocio worked hard to become a successful plaintiffs attorney and shareholder in her firm. She firmly believes in equal pay for equal work, and eliminating wage discrimination and workplace bias. She supports a reasonable increase in wages that leads to a living wage status for those who are working full time. Rocio also supports enhancing training programs and adult education programs to give our workforce better skills for success. She will champion internships for young people to put them in direct contact with companies, professionals and business leaders.


Rocio wants constituents to feel safe anywhere, anytime of day. She advocates for strong public safety and a fair but strong criminal justice system. Rocio favors justice reforms that make the system fairer for people of color, the poor, and other minorities who are disproportionately and negatively impacted by bias. Rocio would reduce our reliance on privately owned prisons, engage in discussion on cash bail reform, and encourage diversion programs that use rehabilitation instead of incarceration as appropriate.


Open access to the courts and equal protection under the laws are critical to ensuring a just and orderly society. We need a court system that is fair, efficient, and that provides an even playing field for anyone seeking the protections afforded by our system of justice.


Rocio is supportive of innovative measures and new technologies that allow a transition away from energy sources that damage the environment and contribute to the climate change threat. She sees the transition in our energy industry as an opportunity for growth, new jobs and careers, and opening up new global market opportunities.